POLICE were left shocked after discovering a dog at the wheel of a crashed car.

Officers were called to an address in Glebe Avenue, Braintree, on Monday after reports of a driver failing to stop following a crash.

A brick wall on the street was left in bits after the vehicle hit the structure.

The incident took place overnight between November 22 and 23 so police are unsure of an exact time for the incident.

On inspecting the car, police were shocked to see an Alsatian at the wheel.

The poor pup was left in the vehicle after the driver had decided to flee.

Officers took the dog to the a vet's practice and he has since been passed to Braintree Council.

Police say they are continuing their investigation and inquiries are ongoing after seizing the vehicle and are pursuing leads.

A spokesman said: "Officers came across a fail to stop road collision in Braintree where a brick wall had been damaged by a vehicle overnight.

"The officers were a little shocked by the driver

“The dog was left in the vehicle overnight to take the rap while their human did a runner."