A NAN who was defrauded out of £21,000 by her own grandson said it was heartbreaking to have to shop him to the police.

Martin Froggatt, 49, had moved in with his elderly relative after she suffered a stroke.

He was given her bank card details and even asked to make withdrawals for her, but on nearly 400 occasions he took extra to pay for his £300 per day drug habit.

Froggatt, of Crossfield Road, Clacton, had a 15 month jail sentence suspended at Chelmsford Crown Court after he admitted a fraud charge.

The victim, who fortunately was able to get the cash back after working alongside her bank, said she had wanted him to face prison.

In a heartbreaking victim impact statement, she said: “I have found the process very emotional.

“Martin is my eldest grandson and I am devastated I have felt the need to report his dreadful behaviour to the police.

“I was completely unaware he had a drug habit or taking money from me.

“Although I have had my money returned to me, I feel Martin deserves to be punished with a prison sentence for what he has done.

“I hope he can get some better help for his drug addiction and hopefully sort himself out.”