A SAFETY warning has been issued by firefighters after a lithium battery dangerously exploded while on charge inside a house

Crews from Clacton and Weeley were called to Redbridge Road, in Clacton, shortly before 12.30pm, on Sunday.

Once on the scene, the firefighters found a lithium ion battery, which was attached to a power drill, had exploded.

Much to the relief of the property’s occupants, the explosion did not result in any damage, nor did it result in a fire in the home.

Watch manager, Ben Turner, from Clacton Fire Station, has now issued a warning to the public regarding how to store and use battery powered tools.

"Thankfully, there was not any damage and it didn't cause a fire this time,” he said.

“But incidents like this show how important it is to make sure you know how to store and use battery powered tools correctly.”

Homeowners have additionally been told to only buy from reputable retailers and to not leave items on charge or plugged in overnight or whilst you are out of the house.

They have also been told to avoid leaving items on charge for long periods, and to check the condition of the tools before using or charging them.