As the summer season begins and shops start to re-open, businesses are welcoming visitors and shoppers safely back to high streets and town centres across Tendring.

Businesses have been busy putting into place the government’s guidance and preparing safety measures for customers and staff.

Clacton, Walton and Frinton, as well as other coastal towns and villages in Tendring, rely on a busy summer season, welcoming thousands of visitors each year.

Shops have been hit hard by COVID19, but now it’s time to bounce back and collectively they have one message for visitors; Tendring is open for business.

Tendring District Council’s ‘Shop Safe’ campaign, is all about promoting its town centres, shops and high streets, encouraging people to visit high streets but to still adhere to safety measures and stay safe.

Papa John’s Pizza restaurant in Clacton has been responsibly open during the lockdown and from June 29, has already welcomed the dine-in customers back into the restaurant.

Halstead Gazette:

Owner Usman, explained: “Our focus is on doing this responsibly, so we’ve introduced new safety measures, including hand sanitiser and capacity limits. We’ve installed new perspex screens on the counter to keep the distance between our staff members and customers.

"We have also marked our floors with reminders to maintain the distance for staff and customers. We hope we can have a great summer season now in sunny Clacton!”

But the seaside resorts are more than just shopping, from the newly opened Waterpark in Clacton to the nostalgic holiday vibe in Walton, Frinton’s independent shops and Holland-on-Sea’s vast sandy beach.

Billy Ball, Clacton Pier’s Director, said: “Summer is our district’s busiest time and I’m really pleased to see that businesses are starting to re-open. Clacton has received millions of pounds worth of investment in recent years and I’m delighted that we won Pier of the Year 2020.

"The pier and its many attractions, our beautiful sandy beaches, the abundance of bars, cafés and restaurants, provide a great day out for families; and with less people going abroad this year, Clacton and the surrounding area is a truly welcome holiday break for everyone right now.”

Although the Government is encouraging people safely back to shops, they have stipulated that we must not let our progress lead to complacency and ask people to remain vigilant in order to keep the virus under control.

Halstead Gazette:

  • Social distancing measures in Wot a Gem in Clacton

From Friday, to give people more confidence to shop safely, and enhance protections for those who work in shops, the use of face coverings will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets.

Graham Bates from Ultra Low Volume Fogging in Lawford aims to keep businesses open and said: “We help businesses operate by offering an "Ultra Low Volume" Fogging system.

"Our ultra-fine sterilising fog kills airborne pathogens right away whilst targeting surfaces and hard to reach areas leaving bacteria nowhere to hide. It is suitable for all surfaces including soft furnishings and perishable materials.”

If you are a local business and would like to take part in the council’s Shop Safe campaign please contact