MEET our latest selection of newborn babies.

The Gazette’s picture specials are proving a real hit and, as these heart-warming photos show, it’s easy to see why.

Pictured below, we bring you some of the newest additions to our north Essex community, bringing joy and happiness into the homes of families across Colchester and Tendring.

Thanks to those who sent us their pictures and details and congratulations to you all.

If you have recently become a parent, it’s not too late to join in the fun.

We plan to keep these picture spreads coming, so send in your details.

Simply fill out our online form, attach a picture or two and look out for your little one in the coming weeks.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Airlie Elizabeth Sheila Price

Halstead Gazette:

Big yawn - Airlie Elizabeth Sheila Price arrived by emergency C-section on May 13, weighing 9lb 13oz

Arlo Paul Sparkes

Halstead Gazette:

Proud siblings - Arlo Paul Sparkes, born on March 30, weighing 7lb 1oz, is pictured with sisters Bethany and Sophie and brother Finlay

Bernie George Roberts

Halstead Gazette:

Little angel - Bernie George Roberts was another Broomfield baby, born on March 5 and weighing 6lb 12oz

Bonnie-Raè Boyle

Halstead Gazette:

Angelic - Bonnie-Raè Boyle arrived early at 36 weeks. She was born in Colchester on March 28, weighing 7lb 10oz

Freddie Joshua Claydon

Halstead Gazette:

Being a baby is hard work - Freddie Joshua Claydon arrived 12 days late on June 20, weighing 9lb 1oz

Hallie Grace Brett Baker

Halstead Gazette:

One day old - Hallie Grace Brett Baker arrived three weeks early, on May 20. She weighed 5lb 3oz

Jack Ronald Wall

Halstead Gazette:

Little smiler - Jack Ronald Wall was born with this beautiful head of hair on May 11, weighing 7lb 13oz

Khloee Elizabeth Miller

Halstead Gazette:

Beautiful bundle of joy - Khloee Elizabeth Miller was born by emergency C-section on February 20, weighing 8lb 2oz

Madelyn Amanda Geisha-Gray

Halstead Gazette:

Warm and cosy - Madelyn Amanda Geisha-Gray arrived at Broomfield Hospital on March 29, weighing 8lb 6oz

Max Humphrey

Halstead Gazette:

Content - Max Humphrey arrived into the world on April 14, weighing 8lb 1oz

Parker Stanley Martin Harrington

Halstead Gazette:

Sweet dreams - Parker Stanley Martin Harrington was born via elective C-section on June 15, weighing 7lb 15oz