RESIDENTS have blasted 'disrespectful' visitors who left litter dumped at a beauty spot.

Hundreds of people paid a visit to Dedham during the heatwave.

But they left rubbish strewn across the village and dumped bags of waste outside overflowing bins.

Last month fears were raised dumped rubbish near the River Stour was putting cows’ lives at risk after they were picking and eating the litter.

One resident said: "It’s incredibly sad to see our beautiful countryside being disrespected in this way.

"As a direct result, the lives of the wildlife we are so fortunate to have inhabit this area being put at risk.

"We live in a wonderful part of the world but it is shocking and deeply upsetting to see our village being disrespected and neglected through the littering and blatant disregard of the polite requests asking that visitors take their rubbish home with them.

"No doubt we all went to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this area of outstanding natural beauty but currently that privilege is being abused."

Earlier this month Dedham Parish Council and neighbouring authorities decided to remove the litter bins near Brook Street in a bid to cut flytipping.

The dog litter bins have also been relocated, but not completely removed, as it is recognised it is unsanitary to take dog waste home by car.

Signs have been put up to notify visitors of the changes, to discourage barbecues and to clarify the area is not a public open space, but a footpath.