LAST week saw a huge number of daytrippers flock to our beautiful coast as warm weather coincided with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions being eased.

Residents have been left infuriated at rubbish being dumped on beaches by some unruly visitors in Clacton and one man, who appeared to be intoxicated, was spotted running from police after having to be rescued from the sea.

Frinton was also invaded by daytrippers, with locals complaining about terrible parking - shockingly including vehicles being parked in a seafront ambulance bay - and even a fight sparked by an alleged sexual assault on the genteel resort’s hallowed greensward.

Town councillor Terry Allen said that we don't put up with bad behaviour from locals and will certainly not do so from visitors, who have abused our hospitality.

He said he had sympathy with residents in Ibiza and Mallorca, who would likely be putting up with British yobbos right now - if it were not for the lockdown.

Our district relies heavily on tourism and we do need to welcome people back to spend money here to ensure jobs and businesses survive Covid-19.

But those who visit our towns must respect our beaches and beauty spots.

That means acting in a civilised manner, laying off the booze and not dumping your rubbish on the beaches.

If you can’t bin your rubbish on a daytrip to our resorts, then take it home with you.