A DISGRACED carer stole money from a grandmother which she had earmarked for her family’s Christmas presents.

The victim, who had carers visiting her home in Clacton every evening, began to notice small amounts of cash were going missing from her purse.

She suspected Rebecca Muttock was to blame and contacted the care agency.

They immediately installed CCTV at the property which caught Muttock, 34, going into the woman’s purse and grabbing more notes the very next day.

Muttock initially denied what was happening when confronted by bosses and three counts of theft at court.

However, she later changed her plea ahead of a scheduled trial.

The victim told Chelmsford Crown Court she had planned to spend the £100 Muttock stole on Christmas presents for her grandchildren.

“She was in a position of trust and abused it,” she said.

“It was money for my grandchildren for Christmas.

“It was not much, but they were worse off because of it.

“Please make sure she does not do this to anyone else.”

Muttock, of Lodge Road, Little Oakley, took the cash because she herself had money troubles at the time of the incident in 2018. She has not worked since.

Judge David Turner QC spared her jail for the good of her four children.

“You let yourself down and you should be ashamed,” he said.

“The amount was small, the time was brief and this was unsophisticated but this is an ugly, ugly, offence.

“I am showing mercy, not for you, but for your family.”

Muttock was given a three month jail sentence suspended for two years.

She must complete 15 rehabilitation days, pay compensation of £100 and a costs contribution of £400.