ONE of Colchester’s most popular attractions has launched a crowdfunding bid to save it from closure amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many other businesses, Colchester’s Rollerworld is suffering the financial strain of lockdown measures.

The rink, which this month, marked its 30th anniversary, was taken on by Anne and Jason Khan in 2018.

The pair, who own Demon Xtreme Sports, reported the long-running Ipswich Road roadworks caused problems for the business from the outset.

Jason said: “It has been extremely challenging to make the improvements and develop the business as we had at first planned to.

“The Ipswich Road and Harwich Road roundabout works have been ongoing almost as long as we have been the owners.

“The roadworks have had a damaging impact on the business and now we are facing an even bigger hurdle with the lockdown, not being able to open and then facing some serious restrictions and social distancing measures when we do.”

The owners and employees have been collecting and volunteering for the foodbank during the coronavirus crisis.

They are also preparing to announce a date for a free-entry birthday party for youngsters who missed out on a celebration during lockdown.

Jason added: “We have been busy painting, changing worn carpets, washing the floors, weeding the car parks and redecorating throughout, and trying to stay positive, but the situation is frustrating and worrying for us.”

The business may not survive without support with reserves drained by overhead costs.

In an appeal for help, Anne said: “We did have reserves in place and these were going towards upgrading to air conditioning the rink for the summer and to expanding our roller sports offering here, but no-one could have foreseen being closed for four months.

“So this money has been eaten up by the overheads that still have to paid if we are to re-open and with no income, we had to use this.”

Jason added: “It is a huge concern for us, as we could now be facing closure.

“We have put all that we can into DX’s Rollerworld and we are doing everything we can possibly do to avoid that happening.”

“As skaters it would be a travesty if Europe’s finest skating rink closes.”

Rewards are on offer for people who donate, including discounts for skating sessions and events, venue hire and one-to-one coaching.

T-shirts will be offered sporting the slogan ‘I helped save DX’s Rollerworld’, while speed skating and roller derby introductory sessions will be offered out to supporters.

To donate, visit