RESIDENTS have raised objections to plans to build up to 65 homes in Brantham.

Rainer Developments Ltd has sent an outline planning application for the homes, with areas of open space, on land south of Slough Road, to Babergh Council.

The application comes after the developer’s plan to build a similar development of up to 65 homes on the same land was rejected last year.

Members of Babergh Council’s planning committee voted against the initial application with concerns the homes would encroach on neighbouring villages.

Many residents have now objected to latest application by Rainer Developments Ltd.

Emma Marsland, from Brantham, said: “Very little has changed on this application for 65 properties from the previous application so I fail to understand why the application has been submitted yet again.

“With Brantham being a village that already has just under 300 homes signed off to be built at the bottom of Brantham Hill, I fail to understand why we need to agree to further development when we are yet to understand whether the existing signed off developments are required, and let’s face it they aren’t even out of the ground yet.”

Iris Justice, of Slough Road, Brantham, said: “I again stress our concerns with this application with increased road traffic along a narrow and winding country lane.

“We have to be extremely cautious now exiting and entering our driveway with the current traffic load down Slough Road.

“Together with heavy farm traffic throughout the day, school runs and working people using Slough Road as a cut through from the A12 to the A137, it is already a busy road with many blind spots.

“Many cyclists also use Slough Road, which I again stress is a narrow and very winding country lane and the hedges for most of the year infringe.

“It copes with the current properties it serves but we strongly feel the excess traffic this proposed development will bring will endanger lives.”

The design and access statement from Rainer Developments Ltd said the design of the development has focussed on creating a development which responds to the character of the area.

It added: “The scheme also responds to the landscape character of the site and surroundings and will create a new green edge to the village.

“The development is well connected to the surrounding area for pedestrians, creating links to the existing footpath network.

“The proposals represent a sustainable development which will include a play area and ecological enhancement areas.”