VOLUNTEERS have hit out over an “inconsiderate” group of men who littered a recreational field with empty beer bottles and cans.

A dozen empty bottles of beer, cans of cider and broken bottles were dumped by a bin at Ramsey recreation field, in Wix Road, last Friday.

More bottles were left on Monday.

Residents took to social media stating they saw a group of people leaving the ground with four bikes and in two cars on Monday at 6.26pm.

A Ramsey War Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground (RWMHRG) spokesman said: “This group should not even be there in the first place.

“We all want to see our families and friends and enjoy a drink, however we can’t.

“I hope you enjoyed yourselves and thanks for putting our trustee at risk having to clear up after you.”

Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council also shared the trustee’s anger and frustration.

A parish council spokesman said: “This is a selfish and irresponsible behaviour in the face of such challenging times.

“Covid-19 has not gone away, our liberties may have been extended, but our responsibilities for safety and social distancing have not.

“As a parish council we join with the Ramsey War Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground trustees in condemning this in the strongest possible terms.”

Volunteers from the hall have had to clear up the broken glass and bottles within the play area and around the fence on the outside of the playground.

Suzanne Howe, from United in Kind, said she is absolutely disgusted and angered by this behaviour.

She said: “Not only they have completely ignored Government guidance, but they have put a volunteer at risk having to clear up.

“It is selfish idiots like them that will put us back in complete lockdown, risk the lives of others and put our NHS under strain.”

The hall group said if this behaviour will continue, they will be forced to lock up all of the goalposts, which they have left out for families to use.

Government guidelines say people can meet one other person from a different household outdoors while following social distancing rules.

These rules may change in the coming weeks.