EASING lockdown measures will be difficult, just as much as getting used to a “new normal” will be.

We might not all agree with the Prime Minister, but the changes the Government is making are much needed, both for the economy and our mental health.

This week, we have started making small steps towards going back to our old, normal lives, however there’s still a long road ahead of us.

For now, builders and manufacturers have been encouraged to go back to work, and people are allowed to drive to the beach for their daily exercise.

There’s now no more limit on how many times we can go out, as long as we keep to social distancing measures.

Our two local rubbish tips remain closed until further notice, but our car parks are opening for residents to use again.

Sometimes we might feel the guidance given to us is not clear enough, is confusing or doesn’t make much sense.

But as long as we continue working together and respecting social distancing rules we believe we will come out of this pandemic stronger than before.

We are in this together.