A CONSTRUCTION firm has welcomed the news of easing lockdown restrictions and are encouraging builders to get back to work.

Lawford based construction company, Rose Builders, had to close about 95 per cent of its building sites, because of the Government’s coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

But following the Government’s announcement that lockdown measures are being eased managing director, Steven Rose, said he hopes more than 50 per cent of his employees will be able to safely return to work in the next two weeks.

Rose Builders, which employs about 220 people, had to furlough two thirds of its staff, with only one third still going to work after the coronavirus outbreak began.

However, following the Government’s clear instructions, the firm was able to reopen some of its building sites this week, with more to follow next week.

He said: “The clarification for the construction sector is good and hopefully will persuade people to get back to work, as long as it is safe to do so.

“But everybody will need to be back on board, including suppliers and workers, as clients and customers will continue to place orders.

“The need for new housing has not gone away, there’s an underlying demand for new housing, including affordable housing, housing association, open market housing or build to rent houses.

“The mortgage money is at an all-time low, so we hope that will underpin to the new normal.

“We are hoping we will be increasing our working capacity week by week.”

To ensure its employees safety, the construction company will introduce new measures, including complying with the two meter rule, introducing more regular breaks for hand washing, installing more health and hygiene facilities and reducing the number of people working at a building site.

“The rate of production will reduce, it will take longer to complete works, but we have to make sure it is safe for everyone to return to work,” he added.

“We do have to get back to work and support the economy, but nothing can compromise safety and we need to go back to work only when it’s safe to do so.

“The new announcement was providing clarity to our sector, and it has enabled an easing of restrictions, which in a rural community makes sense without compromising safety.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson encouraged the construction industry back to work on Sunday evening by addressing the nation on the latest Covid-19 lockdown measures as the crisis continues.