A HUSBAND bravely let his wife wax his legs and most intimate parts in front of a live Facebook audience to fundraise for the NHS.

Brantham resident Lee Dingwall said he would let his wife, Susan, wax his legs if his fundraising target of £200 was hit.

Mr Dingwall, a key worker at Felixstowe Port, said he would go even further and wax his intimate parts if he could raise £500.

So, after donations poured in, of up to £1,085 so far, the 51-year-old endured the waxing process as sponsors watched live on a Facebook video stream on Saturday night.

Mrs Dingwall, who owns and runs Guys and Dolls hair salon, in Blenheim Close, Brantham, spent an entire hour waxing her husband for the charity challenge.

She said: “There was a fair amount of screaming and we ran out of wax strips, so we had to complete the job with an epilator, but he was really brave and let me finish.”

Mr Dingwall, who also runs a martial arts school in Harwich, said he is now feeling a little tender.

He added: “It’s not an experience I would ever want to repeat, but I’m so happy with the amount we have raised for our amazing NHS.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me and a special thank you to our amazing NHS frontline workers. As a bonus I am definitely bikini ready this summer.”

Their daughter, Kirby-Lee, who is isolating at home after returning from Canada, said: “Despite the screaming, he was such a great sport during the whole thing and he never imagined he would raise as much as he did.

“He goes to work every day, trains and sends videos to keep his kick-box Karate students on their toes, dresses up every Thursday night to clap for our carers, comes home and still never fails to make us all chuckle.”

People can still donate until May 11 on bit.ly/3fpQQJg.