A FAMILY business has given out meals to support NHS workers at a hospital.

Daniel and Sara Farrow, who have ran the Curry Cart mobile catering unit since 2009, decided to help frontline staff members at the Fryatt Hospital, in Main Road, Dovercourt, by gifting them with a warming free meal.

The 44-year-old businessman said: “We think it’s fantastic what NHS workers are doing, putting their own lives at risk and their families’ lives, so we want to show our appreciation to them.

“We want to make them feel thought of and we wanted to give them something back for all their amazing work.

“As we can’t work, we decided to help out in our own way.”

The couple, of Abbott Road, Dovercourt, delivered a total of 25 free chicken and vegetable curries to the hospital last Wednesday, April 22.

The family has run the business since 2009, but have been forced to stop working amid the coronavirus outbreak.

They would normally travel across East of England, attending country shows, football events, festivals, and corporate events.

They also do residential Christmas dinner, weddings and corporate lunches.

Dad-of-two said: “We haven’t been able to work because of all the events have been cancelled up until August so far.

“Because we interact with customers, we can’t work at the moment.

“A lot of our business is in the summer months, so hopefully we will be able to go back to it in September.

Scott Farrow, Mr Farrow’s brother said he thinks what the family is doing “is brilliant, particularly at the current time”.