A HUGE rainbow has been installed above a front door in Mistley to thank NHS staff for their sacrifices.

Deb Turner, 48, of Harwich Road, Mistley, is a teacher at Clacton Coastal Academy and said she launched this project as part of home schooling.

She said she was trying to find different things to do with her three children to stay creative and spread positivity.

She said: “We wanted to make the front of our house a visual reminder of our gratitude to the wonderful NHS and key workers.

“The ark is so big, you can’t miss it and it has already attracted some attention in Mistley.

“We’re so delighted to clap for key workers underneath it every Thursday night.”

The mum-of-three said what key workers are doing for the nation is absolutely wonderful.

She added: “What would we do without them?”

“I think the fact they’re putting their lives in danger every day just to do their work is inspiring.

“But, unfortunately some key workers are forgotten, such as shop workers, carers and teachers.

“They are all key workers who deserve our gratitude.”

The clap is at 8pm every Thursday.