Stansted Airport has created a tribute to the heroes of the NHS with a giant ‘thank you’ message on its airfield.

A 10m by 7m thank you logo now adorns one of the airport’s main taxiways adjacent to the runway.

It was the brainchild of Ross Barker from Stansted’s Airfield Operations team.

The messages was created in five hours by the airport’s specialist airfield painting team on Thursday in advance of the latest ‘clap for carers’ tribute.

Stansted’s COO, Steve Griffiths, said: “The whole country has come together to recognise the fantastic efforts being made by our brave and brilliant NHS and healthcare workers in the tirelessly fight against Covid-19.

“As part of that tribute, colleagues working at the airport join the weekly ‘clap for carers’ applause, but Ross asked if we could go a bit further and create a special thank you message on the airfield.

"It’s a brilliant idea and a very fitting way for the airport to say an even bigger thank you to all those NHS staff working so hard to protect us all at this time of immense difficulty and challenge for them personally.”