WHAT were they thinking?

A pub in Tiptree has been issued with a prohibition order by Colchester Council after it was found to have been open in breach of coronavirus restrictions.

The Government has ordered all entertainment venues including pubs, cafés and restaurants to close in order to try to stop the spread of the pandemic which has already claimed more than 1,400 lives in the UK and in the region of 38,000 worldwide.

The rules are simple.

Don’t go out unless you have to and stay at least two metres away from anyone who is not living in your household.

We are all suffering both as individuals and as part of a damaged workforce from the effects of coronavirus.

It is not pleasant to be banned from seeing your family or friends. It feels wrong not to hug your loved ones.

Many people can’t work and worry for their livelihoods.

But we are all doing our bit to try to beat this pandemic and help to save lives.

And the signs are positive that social isolation and distancing are working.

And yet the Bonnie Blue Oak decided to open.

With windows covered, Colchester Council said drinkers gained access through the back.

The pub denies it was open saying it was holding a meeting about launching a takeaway service.

But that could be done on the phone and is no excuse.

It was a selfish action which we hope they don’t live to regret.