RECYCLING collections have been suspended until further notice by Colchester Council.

The authority has made the decision in the face of the coronavirus outbreak due to reduced staffing resources and an increase in the amount of household waste produced as residents spend more time at home.

Recyclable cardboard, plastic, glass and tins will no longer be collected from kerbsides, with just food waste and black bag pick ups taking place in the foreseeable future.

The limit of three black bags of general waste, or one wheelie bin, per household will remain in place.

Residents are being asked to hang on to their recycling if possible instead of disposing of it in black bags.

Martin Goss, councillor responsible for waste, environment and transportation, said: "This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone and as a council we have to prioritise and resource our critical services, which include household rubbish and food waste collections.

“We know from our growing recycling rates, our borough does a fantastic job of recycling and we would encourage residents to reduce and reuse their items as much as possible at the moment and where practical and possible to do so, hold on to their recycling until this service resumes.

“Our crews are doing a fantastic job at helping us to maintain this critical service for our residents and the more residents can do to help our communities and our crews, the more we can do to help our local communities during this national emergency.”

Exemptions to the three bag policy for those who have specific reasons for producing extra rubbish will remain in place, but this will be reviewed as the situation continues to evolve.

From now on, during a green recycling week only food waste caddies will be emptied until further notice.

Bulky, special and garden waste collections have also been suspended and Essex County Council has shut its recycling centres across the county.

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