MORE parcel thefts were reported to Essex Police than to any other force over the last two years, new figures have revealed.

Data shows the force received 443 reported instances of packages being nicked from under residents’ noses in 2018 and 2019.

The information was obtained by firm iParcelBox via a Freedom of Information request.

Responses were received from 35 out of 49 police forces in the country, with Essex Police receiving the most reports with 232 in 2018 and 211 in 2019.

This figure was significantly above second place Kent Police, who had 353 reports.

Port of Dover Police and South Wales Police both recorded zero.

A spokesman for Essex Police said residents were encouraged to report all incidents of theft.

The spokesman referred The Gazette to Which? guidance on what to do after an incident of parcel theft.

It states: “If you think that someone has stolen your delivery, regardless of whether you gave permission for the courier to leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour, it is a crime.

“Contact your local police and provide them with your photographic evidence and any correspondence with the retailer.

“The retailer should cooperate with any police investigation.

“Filing a police report won’t get you a replacement or refund, but it can help to strengthen your claim and it’s important to report crime.”

Across the country, there were 3,715 incidents of parcel theft recorded - 1,838 in 2018 and 1,877 in 2019.

Paul Needler, founder of iParcelBox said: “In some cases, an unattended parcel is very easy for an opportunistic thief to steal, and very difficult for police to track down.

“Therefore, online shoppers must take safety precautions into their own hands, this involves investing in a smart parcel delivery solution so that uncollected, often valuable, mail can be stored safely in a weatherproof, locked, box, until the addressee is home.”

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