THE famous beach huts and picturesque seafront of Frinton were given a starring role in the BBC’s latest sitcom.

Bumps, which aired on Friday night, follows the life of 62-year-old divorcee Anita, who lives in the seaside town and delivers groceries to residents for a living.

In the half-an-hour pilot episode, the main protagonist - played by veteran actress Amanda Redman – initially appears content with her happy life.

She has two grown-up children, Aiden and Joanne, and her relationship with her ex-husband, Howard, remains an amicable one.

But as the cross-generational comedy progresses, we see fun-loving Anita yearn for a third child, before considering IVF treatment to make it happen.

Throughout the first ten minutes of the episode, Frinton residents are treated to stunning aerial shots of the seafront and the strip of pastel-coloured beach huts.

Frinton ward councillor Terry Allen said the town’s inclusion in the episode could only be a positive thing for the area.

He said: “I think it is an excellent advert for the town and it will hopefully bring more and more visitors to the area.

“It looked really good and was done very professionally - when people see the wide shots of the beach looking lovely, it is inviting.

“The place looked good and it looked clean - it really shows Frinton in a good light.

“It is a really positive thing and nice to see a town in Tendring being shown in this way, and not being degraded like other shows do.

“Hopefully the full-show gets commissioned and they return to do more filming.”

After travelling to a Dutch fertility clinic in Rotterdam, Amanda returns to town to tell her family that she is pregnant.

She plans to do so in what locals have deduced is Willows Caravan Park, in High Tree Lane, Walton, which has been renamed Paradise Park for the show.

But before she can deliver the good news, she is upstaged by daughter Joanne, who has also fallen pregnant, despite being told she wouldn’t ever conceive.

George Miller, who has visited Frinton and Walton on holiday every year for the past 31 years, caught the first episode of Bumps by accident.

He says he was taken aback when he spotted the familiar locations which remind him of his childhood on his television.

“I got excited when I saw it to be honest,” he said.

“I watched it by chance and didn’t really know much about it beforehand.

“So, I was a bit shocked when I suddenly recognised the locations – Walton is like a second home to me.

“Going by the first episode, I think it could be positive for the town.

“I love Walton, it is a hidden gem, but never seems as popular as places like Clacton.

“So, if it boosts tourism a bit, then that is good.”

l Bumps is still available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.