A GP surgery has announced changes to its prescription requests which will take effect next month.

From February, Tollesbury Surgery will not accept prescription requests from local pharmacies and online agencies.

Patients will need to put their prescription request directly to the surgery or order online.

However, patients will still have their medications delivered to their usual choice of pharmacy.

A spokesman said: “There is currently a vast amount of medicines wastage every year which also means a huge waste of NHS money.

“This money could be invested more wisely such as in crucial NHS treatments and services.

“We believe that you, the patient or appointed friend, carer or relative are the best placed people to order your repeat medicines.

“By checking your medicines cupboard at home, you can reduce waste by only ordering what you need and avoid stockpiling.”

The spokesman added: “We only want to give you the medicines that you need and help your doctor to monitor your health more closely.

“This change is to re-invest the current medicines wastage spend back into the NHS where it is most needed.”