A BRAVE mum with alopecia has applauded the courage of a US congresswoman who revealed her own condition to the world.

Karen Green, 60, from Danbury, has been raising awareness of the hair loss condition after the video message by congresswoman Ayanna Pressley this month.

Mrs Green was working full-time as a pastoral manager at a secondary school when she was diagnosed with alopecia in 2011.

The dramatic and emotional change left her with no hair after just three months.

She said: “When I noticed I was having to clean my hairbrush daily rather than weekly and my hair was becoming noticeably thinner, it felt like a part of me was being lost.

“Our hair forms an important part of how we see ourselves and how we believe others perceive us.

“As a public figure recognised and respected for her Afrocentric hair in a political sphere lacking in diversity, for Ayanna Pressley to go public with her story in such a powerful video, I can only commend her.

“Actions such as this serve to let others know they are not alone, and they should feel proud and confident in being who they are.”

Karen had been dealing with alopecia universalis, one of the three forms the condition can take.

With the support of her husband Viv, her two sons and grandchildren, Karen gradually began to understand there was no difference at all to how they and others viewed her.

She knew she wanted to help others with alopecia, drawing upon her own experiences of the condition to give them support.

Karen is now a trustee for Alopecia UK, with an interest in alopecia research.

She is also an agent for Freedom Wigs and started her own wig business called Fantastic Hair.

She added: “I just knew I wanted to help others as much as I could.

“So, I jumped at the chance to become an independent agent for Freedom Wigs in 2017 and began Fantastic Hair.

“Looking in the mirror and seeing my hair falling out, I didn’t feel feminine or recognise me anymore.

“Becoming an agent allowed me to provide these high-quality wigs and offer support to other people who have alopecia.”

To find out more, visit fantastichair.co.uk.