A TRIO of homegrown musicians are set to fill their calendar with gigs across Essex.

Hartbeat are a new band made up of guitarist Jon Greaves, from Southminster, and the mother-daughter duo Carole and Aimee Hart, who live in Heybridge.

The group specialises in music from the Fiftiess onwards.

Carole and Aimee Hart have spent many years performing in musical theatre, while Jon has been playing in various bands since the late Eighties and as solo act Greavesey.

Jon met Carole and Aimee at Latchingdon Arts and Drama Society and the idea for working together started to form.

He said: “They both sing really well, so when Aimee told me early last year that she was looking at working with someone by way of getting on to the live music circuit, I was very keen to offer my services.

“When Carole said she was happy to get involved too, I thought ‘that’s perfect’.

“Right from our first gig together though, people were blown away by their vocal harmonies and we ended up getting invited to play at a whole lot of pubs, clubs and festivals throughout last year.

“We get along OK and share similar music tastes so we’re continuing on to see where it leads us.

“All three of us have songs where we sing the lead.

“But in general, Aimee is the main singer, with her powerful voice and a range that on a clear day can be heard for miles, while Carole finds the harmonies and I add backing vocals where necessary.

“Aimee is especially serious about making a career for herself in musical entertainment and with the talent she has I am pretty certain that she’ll succeed.

“She is already attracting a lot of interest.”

The trio are also in the process of writing original material and are looking for more venues to perform.

Their next show is at the Jolly Sailor pub in Heybridge next Monday.

They also have bigger spots at Leigh Folk Festival in June and the Big Bash at the Plough in Westcliff in August.

To get in touch, call 01621 773548 or email jongreaves@live.co.uk.