AN eagle-eyed schoolboy has been praised after he raised the alarm when he saw smoke billowing from a motorhome.

Cameron had learnt what to do after the fire service’s community safety team’s education officer Andrea Adam visited Ramsey Academy.

He put the lesson into practise when he saw the fire.

Cameron, 11, who lives in Halstead, was putting the rubbish out when he heard his neighbours’s smoke alarm and saw smoke coming from a motorhome parked on their driveway.

Cameron dialled 999 and gave his address and a precise description of what was happening next door.

Halstead Fire Station watch manager Steve Byrne said: “The motorhome was parked just one metre away from a house and flames were coming out of the windows and the top of the vehicle.

“Cameron’s quick thinking and actions meant we were alerted without delay.

“When we arrived the rear cab area of the motorhome was alight, but luckily the fire had not yet spread to the fuel tank, which was full, or to the house.

“There were also gas cylinders in the motorhome that we were able to remove before the fire and heat got to them.

“The motorhome was used by a couple from Devon as a permanent home, they were visiting family, and there was a lot of valued items and memories within the vehicle that we saved.

“The crews managed to control the fire quickly without any damage to the house.

“Another five minutes and this would have been a different story to tell.

“What Cameron had learnt and remembered from Andrea’s visit, as well as his quick thinking and actions, saved his neighbour’s house and probably his own home, and prevented possible serious injury to the occupants.”

Cameron received a certificate of recognition and a service badge for his actions.

Steve added: “Cameron also gets lots of thanks from his grateful neighbours.

“His parents and school are extremely proud of him, as he should be of himself.”