CAN all you Londoners who move to the seaside please stop paving over your front gardens, putting up fences and chopping down trees?

My new neighbours have already paved over the property’s once-beautiful front garden and have spent the last summer chopping down as many trees as possible.

The trees are not protected and they have every right to do so on their own land.

But when flooding does happen, we’ll know who it is who is to blame.

It is not just the immediate neighbours, but others across the road are also planning on paving their garden and the homes behind us have chopped down some very tall trees.

Many of those who have put up fences and paved gardens here have moved here from London.

Why move to rural areas or the seaside if you just want to recreate your awful urban jungle here?

Please help to keep our area green and stop chopping down trees.

Name and address supplied