A ONCE historic and thriving pub which closed its doors last year before being taken on by new landlords has now been officially put up for sale.

The Kings Arms, in Colchester Road, St Osyth, has been boarded up and closed to the public for the past several months.

The Grade II listed building, which features a bar, pool room and function venue, was initially rumoured to be reopening last October, when two new tenants moved in.

It was eventually suggested that the new landlords.

After months of uncertainty, the King’s Arms has now been put on the market by property consultants Drake & Company with an asking price of £350,000.

The advertisement also suggests any new owner could reasonably command £17,000 a year in rent fees, following advice from the local rating authority.

For David Garlick, from Clacton, The King’s Arms has been a major part of his life and his band The Lowriders, who used to rehearse and host gigs in the backroom.

Over time, he grew close with the previous landlords, who would also let him use the venue for his family members’ milestone birthday parties and other events.

Mr Garlick believes the closure of the public house and decision to sell it off sadly doesn’t come as a surprise.

“It’s very sad to see a place like The Kings Arms boarded up, unused,” he said.

“It was an incredible place for me and my band for many years.

“We rehearsed, recorded and played live in there on many occasions.

“We had some fantastic nights and I have brilliant memories of that place.

“I know it has a certain place in the hearts of so many in the community, but, it seems, a sign of the times.

“Pubs closing, live venues being shut down. For a band these places are our lifeblood, and gradually they are, for many reasons, being taken away.”

A spokesman from Ei Publican Partnerships confirmed the company had decided to offload the property from its books.

They said: "As part of our on-going business, we do from time to time identify a site that may no longer have a long-term future in our estate.

"After careful consideration, the decision has been made to sell the freehold of the Kings Arms, St Osyth."