A PHENOMENAL murder mystery-themed show will awaken the audience’s detective powers, allowing them to interact with performing artists.

The Manifest Theatre Group will present Sherlock Holmes and The Seven Wooden Figurines, written by Tom Hitchcock and directed by Lea Friend.

The show is about a wealthy family who have inherited a manor and a title, yet the play delves into the intricacies of their lives revealing the hidden webs they weave for themselves.

Couple this with the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his sidekick Dr Watson, and you have yourself a baffling case of the Seven Wooden Figurines.

People will have a chance to play along and take a stab at guessing who would be capable of committing the murder and why.

Lea Friend said they had one or two problems to overcome when adapting the script.

She said: “Firstly, it was originally set to be performed in the round in an old barn on an estate in Semer.

“To recreate the atmosphere ourselves into the Manifest Theatre, we needed to create the feeling of being at the heart of the play as soon as people arrive.

“We created the illusion they are coming into the home of the Worthington-Jones’ rather than the theatre.

“The second obstacle to overcome was to adapt the interactive side of the play to fit the traditional seating format of the Manifest theatre, which I feel, we have done successfully and will make it an enjoyable evening for all, breaking a new ground for our audiences.”

She added: “This play ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of fans of different genres and styles of theatre.

“It gives you the opportunity to play detective if you so wish, or to just sit back and enjoy the playing for being a play in the murder mystery format.”

The show will take place at the Manifest Theatre, in Oxford Road, Manningtree, between February 26 and 29, with a 7.30pm start.

Doors open at 7pm. Tickets cost £12, with refreshments provided.

For more information on to book, call on 07444 724271 or visit manifesttheatre.co.uk.