BLUEPRINTS have been submitted for 100 new homes on farmland in St Osyth.

Bennett Homes has applied to Tendring Council to demolish existing buildings on 6.8 hectares of land south of Clacton Road and east of Rochford Road.

The developer instead wants to build 100 new homes along with public open space, a woodland walk and associated infrastructure.

A planning statement said the application has been submitted in the context of Tendring Council failing to have a planned five-year housing land supply.

It added: “Due to inherent suitability of the site for development and its lack of physical constraints, there are no adverse impacts that will outweigh the considerable benefits that will arise from the development of the scheme.

“Not only will it help address the need for new market housing in St Osyth, it will deliver 30 per cent affordable housing on-site to help alleviate the number of people living in sub-standard local accommodation, including caravans, who can’t afford to meet their own needs on the market.

“The development will deliver economic investment in St Osyth, both during the construction phase and on an ongoing basis through an increase in the working age population.”

It added that the scheme will integrate well with the rest of the village, delivering new open space and a woodland walk.

The plans include demolishing an existing home, outbuildings as well as a storage yard.

But most the site is currently vacant agricultural land.

Richard Burton’s recently moved into a home in Rochford Road that backs on to the proposed site.

He said: “The reason I moved here was to get away from congested and overlooked sites.

“Residents are already saying there are no places for their children in the local school, so they have to drive their children into Clacton.

“Where are the children going to be educated if they build another 100 properties?

“If there are no places available for children already then the children from the new estates children will all have to be driven to alternative schools, meaning possibly another 100 cars being driven around at an already busy time in the village.”

A decision on the outline plan is expected to be made Tendring Council by March 20.