A DOG has been rescued from a grade II listed building after an electrical fault in a dishwasher caused a kitchen fire.

Crews were called to the house in Colchester Road, White Colne, after reports that the smoke alarm was going off at 8.25am today.

While on their way to the property, firefighters were sent an updated message that a passer-by had seen flames through the window.

On arrival firefighters reported that the property was heavily smoke-logged and there was a fire in the kitchen.

After quickly bringing the fire under control and extinguishing it, firefighters were told there was a dog inside, so immediately started searching.

Watch manager Steve Byrne, of Halstead fire station, said: "Despite the heavy smoke, our firefighters were able to locate the dog, a cocker spaniel called Tilly, which was hiding next to the fridge.

"We brought Tilly outside to safety and gave her oxygen therapy.

"Ultimately our job is to save lives and protect our public, so to be able to save this family's pet was the happy ending we always want to see.

"This incident shows how important it is to have working smoke alarms - they alert you to the first sign of fire, and if we hadn't been called when we were, it could have been a very different outcome for both the dog and the whole property.

"It's also really important to only use white goods such as dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers when you're at home - this will reduce the risk of a fire starting without you knowing."

The kitchen has been completely destroyed by the fire.