A 3ft inflatable unicorn, flight tickets to Dubai and a suit of armour were some of the unusual items left at Travelodge hotels in Essex.

Travelodge’s Lost & Found offices around Essex took in items from across the brand's 26 hotels in the county.

In 2019 the following strange items were found:

  • A miniature model railway set
  • A Range Rover
  • A box of Rod Stewart CDs
  • A vintage violin
  • A Morning suit
  • A suitcase
  • A wedding bouquet
  • A suit of armour
  • A pet poodle called Pudding
  • Tax returns
  • Flight tickets to Dubai
  • A bonsai tree
  • A keyboard
  • A 3ft inflatable unicorn

Elsewhere in the country one forgetful guest left behind a Tiffany engagement ring in a pillowcase.

Luckily the hotel manager found the ring box and arranged for it to be reunited with the guest before he flew back to the Hebrides.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokesman said: “This year’s audit includes: a pair of Alpacas called Ant & Dec, a 65 year old luck Bonsai tree, an Aston Martin, a dissertation, a gingerbread village with residents and a precious 20 year old celebrity autograph book.”

“Interestingly our hotel teams have reported a rise in wedding and proposal props being left behind in our hotels in 2019.

"This included a 5ft floral unicorn, a huge full moon, a flower wall, palm trees, a Tiffany engagement ring and even a best man.”