A PREGNANT woman was kicked out of a mental health unit while giving birth to a stillborn baby, it is claimed.

The woman, from Southend, told the Echo she was a patient in a mental health unit, connected to Basildon Hospital, having escaped from a violent relationship.

After being told she had tragically lost her baby but would still have to give birth she allegedly then lost her room during labour.

She said staff at the mental health unit in Basildon dumped all her belongings in carrier bags in the same room she was giving birth in.

The 30-year-old said: “I went into labour in the mental health unit and I wasn’t given much help.

“I was left on a seat in the corridor for some time before being taken to a hospital ward.

“Before this they said I should discharge myself from the mental health unit, even though I’m suffering still.

“When I was in labour one of their team threw my clothes in carrier bags to clear the room, not even bothering to make sure they were packed properly, and just left it there.”

The domestic abuse victim is due to leave Southend and condemned the care she had received.

She added: “I’ve had thoughts of self-harm. I had no support during all of this, all the while having to deal with giving birth to my dead baby.”

A spokesman for the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, the organisation in charge of mental health care, confirmed an internal investigation had been launched into the claims.

The spokesman added: “Anyone that has any concerns about their care to call our patient advice and liaison team.”