ALMOST 50 residents have now objected to controversial plans to build 90 homes in their village.

Proposals for the new estate off Prayors Hill, on the outskirts of Sible Hedingham, have sparked anger among villagers

One objection letter says: “This application for 90 homes in this particular area would have a massive impact for the people living here.

“You would expect at least a further 150 cars from this ‘new town’ type development, creating severe traffic problems around the junctions.

“This is without taking into account the new housing destined for the dairy site in Prayors Hill.”

There are major fears over the extra pressure the new estate would put on already overstretched services such as the surgery and schools, as well as concerns about a big increase in traffic on the narrow roads.

Tony Frost, who lives on Prayors Hill, says the village has already seen a large number of new developments and the latest proposals could set a dangerous precedent if the plans get the green light.

He said: “Most objections are based on highway, safety and traffic grounds, but these overlook the fact that this development would blow a hole in the ‘village envelope’ designed to protect the integrity of the village, establish a precedent for even more greenfield development and cause the demise of Sible Hedingham as a village.

He is urging other villagers to have their say on the planning application before Braintree Council’s December 6 deadline.

The developers behind the plans say the housing will create 800 jobs during construction and bring money into the local economy.

But Sible Hedingham Parish Council has also objected to the proposals.