A RESIDENT has lambasted inconsiderate drivers after a disabled woman had to manoeuvre into oncoming traffic when a parked van blocked a footpath.

Andrew Rowell, 58, of St Osyth, was walking his dog when he came across a vulnerable pedestrian in a motorised wheelchair in Clacton Road.

According to Mr Rowell, the disabled woman was travelling along the public footpath but had to reconsider her route when confronted by a large white van.

Unable to squeeze past the path-hogging vehicle, the inconvenienced woman was forced to go into the busy road, despite being unable to see any oncoming cars.

Mr Rowell said: “I came around the van and she was already in the road trying to see around it. It was dangerous.

“They are inconsiderate because it doesn’t take two minutes to look to ensure pedestrians can get through.

“I know it is difficult being on the High Street, but there is no yellow lines so officially

he could have parked in the road.

“The homeowners could have made room for the van as there is enough space.”

Mr Rowell says he does not know the woman but she asked him to take the photo

in a bid to highlight the struggles the disabled face every day.

He uploaded the image to social media to raise awareness of the issue, but to his utter shock, was soon on the receiving end of backlash.

He said: “Obviously it is worse for disabled people to try and squeeze through and, of course, the lady in the wheelchair had no choice but to go into the road.

“So, it must be immensely frustrating for the disabled.

“When I posted it online though, one person criticised me for taking the picture of the lady, even though she asked me to.

“The idea was not to persecute the driver, but to ask drivers to more aware of leaving room for pedestrians.”

Police can fine motorists for blocking pavements but councils do not have the authority to