A FAMILY say they can no longer sleep at night after a brazen burglar broke into their home while they were upstairs and stole a car.

The crook stole the keys to a black BMW - which if bought brand new would have cost thousands of pounds - before getting in the car and driving away.

Both Honey Lipscombe and her dad Steve were upstairs in the house in Chittock Close, Clacton, at the time.

The family had left the front door unlocked after elder sister Kelsey forgot her key and needed to get into the house after her night shift.

It is believed the thief entered the home during the early hours of Monday morning and took the keys to the black 3 Series and made off.

The car was purchased out of money Steve's mum left behind in her will two years ago and it was also her wish that he bought a convertible.

The crook also stole a laser thermometer, a Superdry jacket and tubes of vape juice.

The family discovered they had been targeted on Monday morning when they found the driveway empty.

The vehicle, which also contained a £500 Dewalt nail gun, has since been found abandoned in Harpers Way, about a mile from their home.

Its battery and spare wheel has been stolen and the inside of the car has been wrecked.

Halstead Gazette:

Honey, 16, said: “My dad treasures the car and it is his only way of leaving the house because he has health problems.

“These people have no thoughts or feelings for anyone, and they don’t realise that they are breaking families’ and taking things that people have worked hard for.

“It is heartbreaking that people have to do this, and they need to be locked up.”

Honey says her family are now struggling to sleep at night through fear of the culprits returning to the house.

Her 14-year-old younger sister, who lives separately with her mum, is also said to be frightened to visit because of what has happened.

She said: “This has put a strain on our family because we all feel physically sick to know that someone walked into our house when we were in.

“My little sister who is 14 and lives with my mum, is now too scared to come and see my dad in case they come back, because they have all the keys to the house.

“We don’t sleep at night because we are all too scared in case they do return, and we are worried they may have been watching us for a while from outside.

“They must be horrible people if they think that what they have done is right.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.