My mother and I had a very unpleasant and painful experience while shopping at the Hythe Tesco.

It is usually our first choice due to its proximity, but, after yesterday’s experience, we have both decided we don’t want to shop there anymore unless the management pull their socks up.

What is the problem?

We ended up having to push the large deep trolley round the store because new university students are ignoring signs and taking the shallow trollies, which are ideal for us less abled shoppers, to the university and not bringing them back.

We spoke to a member of staff who allowed people to take them because “they were rude to him”.

I suggest that Tesco fine the university and then if they pass the penalty on to the students it would soon stop this nonsense.

Or could they not put something on the trolley that would stop them taking it off the premises or have security guards at exit points who aren’t afraid of being rude to.

Thanks to my shopping experience yesterday I now have a bad back from having to bend down and twisted shoulders.

Perhaps Tesco would like to foot the bill for the physiotherapy I am going to have to put things right.

Erika Castleford

Hickory Avenue, Colchester