A STAUNCH Brexiteer has told Parliament his committee will launch an investigation into John Bercow’s role as Speaker in the House of Commons.

Harwich and North Essex MP Sir Bernard Jenkin called Mr Bercow’s refusal to allow a vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal as “most unusual”, and accused him of “pleasing one lot, and not the other lot” in a spikey exchange in Parliament on Monday.

In response to Sir Bernard, Mr Bercow - who is also the chancellor of Essex University - accused the Tory politician of “grumbling” because “he does not like the judgement”.

Sir Bernard, who is chairman of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, told the Commons: “I note the dilemmas you (Mr Bercow) face meaning on occasions you will sometimes have to please some and not others, but it is becoming remarkable how often you please one lot and not the other lot.”

He added: “I’d also remark, Mr Speaker, you have inveighed against most unusual things happening in this House which you did not like and I’d say it’s most unusual for a Speaker so often to prevent the Government having debated the matters which the Government wish to put before the House.”

Sir Bernard then told the House his committee will be holding a hearing on the role of the Speaker “in the light of recent months”.

Mr Bercow hit back by recalling how he previously granted many urgent questions and emergency debates to Eurosceptics, adding: “What I am saying to (Sir Bernard) is when he was getting the decisions in his favour, he wasn’t grumbling.

“He’s grumbling now because he doesn’t like the judgment but the judgment I’ve made is an honourable and fair one, and I’m afraid if he doesn’t like it there’s not much I can do about that.”

Following the exchange, Sir Bernard said he has been “inundated” with support from the public for his stand.