A DRINK-driver who was so intoxicated she passed out after attempting to drive out of a supermarket car park has been banned from the roads.

Kaye Carlton, 35, had been trying to leave Lidl in Kings Road, Halstead, when she was stopped by a quick thinking security guard.

Carlton, of Clovers, Halstead, had gone into the shop just minutes before and been refused alcohol by a shop worker.

The member of staff suspected that she was already heavily intoxicated.

Carlton was challenged by one of the shop's security guard when she headed back to her car but ignored his concerns and attempted to drive off.

Having reversed her vehicle with the door open, the security guard was able to reach in and remove the keys from the ignition.

Carlton passed out shortly afterwards.

While at hospital, she refused to give a specimen for analysis and was later arrested and charged by police following the incident, which happened on July 23.

She appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Saturday where she was banned from driving for 36 months.

Magistrates also handed her a 12-month suspended prison sentence, a £122 fine and ordered her to complete a rehabilitation programme.

Following the hearing, investigating officer PC Thomas Raes, of Stanway Roads Policing Unit, said: “There were concerns from customers and shop workers that Carlton had driven to the store under the influence and a member of security quickly took action.

“Carlton passed out shortly afterwards, meaning people would have been put in real danger had she driven off.

“I’d like to thank Lidl and the security guard in question for their actions that day.

“Carlton refused to co-operate with our requirements and refused to provide a specimen and has been banned from driving for a lengthy period. She also has received a suspended sentence, meaning she faces a possible prison sentence if she offends again.”