UNFORTUNATELY the UK and the EU have differing views on our future paths and neither have the leadership to find a joint path to tread for mutual gain in a looser association.

The UK for its sins has found itself with a totally unacceptable electoral structure that over many five-year terms has created more problems than it has solved.

Particularly in those of a more serious nature that continue to blight our lives.

Our claim to democratic rule is cloaked in deceit, with our political backers aping the bad habits of the rich landowners of the past, except voting is now secret.

The value of that vote has to be considered against the pre-selection by these powerful groups who then parade their choice at the constituency elections to secure the local voters “democratic” seal of approval.

The member countries of the EU also have their particular cross to bear, namely the Brussels commission who dictate the pace of all decision making.

A tight rein on the member countries that ensures they speak with only one voice unless the commission decree otherwise.

Both the UK and the EU have much to learn about their particular faults and how best to correct them.

The common interests of the real people, the voters both sides of the channel, will prove key to that future.

E J Heath

Manor Road, Dovercourt