A DIAMOND couple are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ben and Brenda Vernaven, from Dovercourt, marked six decades of happy marriage last Thursday.

The couple, both in their eighties, met each other at a dance in 1957 at the Alexandra Hotel in Dovercourt.

The pair got married two years later at St Paul’s Church, in Parkeston, on October 3.

Ben and Brenda have one child, Kim, and two grandsons Karl and Lewis.

Ben grew up in the Netherlands and worked in the ferry industry, working on many different ships until he retired and moved to Dovercourt.

Brenda has lived in Dovercourt her entire life and worked at a co-op, which later became a Wetherspoons.

The pair enjoy spending lots of time together, and one of their favourite activities is going on cruises.

Since retirement, Ben and Brenda have been big fans of bowls and have both been coaches and presidents of the Dovercourt Bowls Club over the years.

The family of Ben and Brenda said: “We wish them a very happy wedding anniversary, 60 years, what an incredible milestone.”