AN author who published a book about his 40-year battle with gender dysphoria is hoping the story of his transformation will be turned into a national documentary.

Lee David Carter, 51, of Great Clacton, was born female and released the critically acclaimed Living With Lisa back in 2017, garnering mainstream media attention.

The personal book details Mr Carter’s lifelong struggle with feeling uncomfortable in a female body and the negative impacts his distressing experiences had on his health.

It also touches on how supernatural encounters aided his eventual transition and gender reassignment from a woman to a man while in his 40s.

Mr Carter is hoping his inspiring story will be made into a documentary after camera crews followed him around to capture snapshots of his life in Clacton.

The footage will be pitched to television hotshots and Mr Carter is hoping it will be picked up and distributed across the nation.

He said: “Getting this documentary screened is the most important thing now, because it is my life story and my experiences.

“It is an extraordinary story and I am here to help and do something important - I think the documentary will have more impact than the book.

“I have had a lot of experience acting and being on television, so I feel fine in front of cameras and it just feels normal to me – I am pretty confident.

Mr Carter has also been filming for an episode of Amazon Prime’s Radical Body Transformations, which will detail his astonishing weight loss of three stone in four months.

As well as television appearances, the busy actor, writer and personality is now planning to publish a second book and is in talks with an America publisher who wants to help it hit the shelves.

Its current working title is Light Warrior and will delve into how Mr Carter’s has adapted to spiritual life and the planet’s energy.

Mr Carter said: “The gender transition is one part of my story, but there is also the spiritual side of the story.

“We live in a multi-dimensional round and I have gone beyond the realms of existence because I have come from a different existence.

“My spiritual side has evolved to such a point that it has gone beyond reality.

“The US publishers are impressed with it and they are definitely a lot more open-minded and forward thinking than we are over here.”.”