RESIDENTS wanting to save money ahead of Christmas have been offered six money-saving tips. compiled a list of websites and hacks which can help save money by changing a few habits.

A spokesperson for said: “Watching your money for a while and seeing where it is actually being spent is a really great way to find obvious places savings can be made.

“Spending some time doing your research and looking for coupons and planning your money around them could help you save hundreds of pounds.

“You don’t have to give up products you love in order to save money, it’s about looking at the cheapest way to find and buy these products.”

1. Use money saving websites - Taking the time to look for vouchers and offers can really pay off, especially on high ticket items.

2. Become a product tester - You can get samples of products such as cosmetics to try for free. You’ll need to give an honest review of the product you’ve received.

3. Sign up to loyalty cards - Most shops now do loyalty cards, where you earn a certain amount of points per pound spent.

4. Compare your shopping - Websites let you compare your regular shopping list against all the supermarkets and see where it would be cheaper for you to shop.

5. Give out praise - If you can find the time to send a few emails to your favourite companies saying how much you like their products, they may return the favour and say thanks.

6. Keep tabs on your savings - Put every penny you save using a coupon into a jar or saving account and watch it grow