A DISABLED teenager was mugged by a group in ski masks who stole his first week’s wages.

The 16-year-old boy was riding along Circular Road East in Colchester, near the old Arena Leisure Centre site, when he saw three boys in front of him.

As he rode past, the boys grabbed his backpack, forcing him off his bike.

The youngster’s mum said: “He was on his way home from college at about 3.30pm on Thursday.

“As he rode past the boys one of them called his name so he looked back, and that’s when they grabbed his Nike Air rucksack.

“It had £270 in which is his first week’s wages, a black jumper and aftershave.

“He was knocked off his bike from the force of them grabbing it, then they just ran off.”

One boy had some sort of ski mask covering his face and the other two had their tops over their faces.

The victim froze in shock. His mother said he does what he can to lead a normal life and work hard in the community.

His mum said: “My son rang me and told me what happened. He has just started as an apprentice at a garage and has worked hard for his money.

“My son is registered disabled but instead of playing on his disability he gets up and faces things head on.

“He wants to get up and go to work and learn and earn his own money and that’s why scumbags like this make me sick thinking they can go around attacking innocent people.

“Money and things can be replaced but my son can’t. I am just so thankful he is OK and not hurt.

“Let them enjoy spending his hard earned cash. He will just go to work and earn more because he is the better person who has morals and respect.”

His mum wants to raise awareness of the incident, urging youngsters to be vigilant if they are walking or cycling home by themselves.

She has given descriptions of the three boys, who were all black.

One was wearing a black tracksuit, one was in a grey tracksuit and the other was wearing jeans with a black bomber jacket.

Anyone who may have been around at the time should call Essex Police on 101.