THE MP for Maldon has praised the Environment Agency for its investment in the Dengie’s flood defences.

John Whittingdale paid a visit to the Pump Stations in the Dengie Marshes to see the three systems that remove surface water from land.

The pumping stations use a network of man-made channels which funnel water into the sea.

They protect an area of around 55km, stretching from St Peter’s Chapel in Bradwell-on-Sea to Burnham Wick Farm.

While there, Mr Whittingdale spent time discussing future plans for the Dengie’s flood defences with the agency’s area director, Simon Hawkins.

Mr Whittingdale said: “The risk of flooding, both from flooding and from the sea is particularly severe in the Dengie Peninsula.

“I am pleased that the Environment Agency have recently invested in new pumps and flooring at the Bridgewick Pumping Station and that the current flood defence strategy is working well.

“Although the priority is bound to be the protection of property, the land in the Dengie is of huge agricultural value.

“I welcome the agency’s commitment to protect it as well.”