A MIRACLE baby girl who received life-changing spinal surgery in the womb is “exceeding expectations” six months after she was born.

Burnham nurse Bethan Simpson’s daughter, Elouise, was diagnosed with spina bifida following a routine 20-week scan.

Bethan, 26, and husband Kieron feared the worst when they were told the first option was to terminate the pregnancy.

But after undergoing radical fetal repair surgery, healthy baby Elouise was born at University College London Hospital at 10am at April 1, weighing 5lb 12oz.

Six months on, she is “smiling, chatting and rolling round” as any healthy baby would.

Bethan said: “Elouise is currently meeting and exceeding her milestones.

“Despite saying she may be slower and may not do what other babies would be able to do, she is doing more.

“She’s been discharged from physiotherapy and she is expected at present to walk and crawl normally.

“She’s also on six-monthly reviews for her bowels, bladder and head, but she’s not showing any negative effects of her spina bifida at present.

“She’s smiling, chatting, rolling around constantly – she is a real treasure.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital conducted the first review of Elouise, but found no need for any further treatment.

She has full mobility and sensation in her body, with “high expectations” she will be able to move normally.

Bethan is over the moon to see her daughter doing so well, and the tot’s parents are glad they decided to undertake the high-risk surgery.

Bethan said: “Seeing Elouise develop the way she is, makes the surgery on her spine all worth it.

“It validates our decision.

“I know we can’t know what she would be like without it, but we were not given the best odds if we did not take the decision to have the surgery.

“Her dad and I are extremely proud of her, and seeing her grow is just incredible.”