THE BRAINS behind a business that helps women after breast cancer has teamed up with Broomfield Hospital to help more women talk about the disease.

Southminster businesswoman, Julie Blanche, founder of The Bra Consultancy joined forces with Broomfield Hospital's Breast Unit to discuss with a group of women who have undergone surgery how to find underwear that suits them.

The support group, which meets every third Wednesday of the month gave an opportunity for the visitors to speak openly about the disease, and gain better knowledge on life after surgery.

The monthly group was previously held at the Helen Rollason Centre in Springfield before moving to its new home at Broomfield full time.

Heidi Barclay, clinical nurse specialist in breast care, wants to encourage as many women as possible to attend the group.

“The group is for women who have either recently been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment or have finished treatment for a breast cancer.

“Women that come to the support group can talk to people who know what it feels like to be told they have a cancer, who understand the anxieties that come with that, who have been through treatment and can give advice or reassurance on how to cope with those treatments. It’s peer-to-peer support.”

Anyone is welcome to visit, not just Broomfield Hospital patients.

The will be breast care nurses in attendance who can answer any questions any visitor has for them.

Heidi added: “Women are asked not to bring friends or relatives with them as we want them to be able to speak honestly about how they feel without worrying about their loved ones being upset about what’s discussed.

“For women who have had a breast cancer, it’s definitely worth coming along. It may be something you want to come to on a monthly basis, you may want to come once or twice a year, or just as a one-off.

“It’s about making sure women get what they want when they want it – women can use the group how they like.

"You will always find someone who has had a breast cancer experience and can share support or information with you.”

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, from 7.30 to 8.30pm.