Ellise Sambora’s headteacher said the school was “absolutely devastated” by the tragedy.

Plume Academy principal Carl Wakefield said: “Many of us knew Ellise extremely well and had built strong, close and respectful relationships with her since she joined the academy in September 2017. 

“Ellise had many qualities, including an undoubted intelligence and a genuine desire to help and assist others. 

“She also possessed many skills and talents across a range of subjects, and we feel these many attributes meant she had every chance of making a real success of the life and many years she had ahead of her. 

“Losing Ellise has also hugely affected many of her friends, especially those closest to her. However, like our team of staff, especially her pastoral team of Mrs Ollett and Mrs Southgate, they along with the whole of Year 9, Ellise’s year group, have been immense in terms of how they have handled this massively challenging situation.

"They have shown maturity beyond their years, resilience, compassion and above all, looked after each other in a way that has quite simply astounded me.

"The challenge in the weeks and months ahead will of course remain but I have every faith that the academy’s students, staff and of course our parents and carers who despite their own upset have shown their usual invaluable support, will continue in the manner in which they have conducted themselves over the past ten days.

"By doing so, they will continue to do themselves, the academy and above all, Ellise and her memory proud."

Mr Wakefield added: “We will never forget Ellise and she will live on in us all whilst forever being remembered as a member of the Plume family.”

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