A MUM has slammed careless teenagers on bikes after dash cam footage showed her coming within inches of hitting one.

Dash cam footage, which can be viewed on the Echo website, showed one boy dart out into the road forcing the driver to slam on her brakes and stop within touching distance of the bike.

While another cyclist was also almost hit, but slammed on his breaks and rode behind the car.

The incident happened on Long Riding on Friday, at about 2.45pm, with the cyclists darting out from Nether Priors.

The boy in the video was not wearing a helmet, sparking road safety concerns, while the video also shows him wearing headphones - leaving residents to query whether he could even hear the car coming. The video has been viewed hundreds of times on social media, with residents quick to state many have had similar experiences in the borough.

The driver, who asked not to be named in the Echo, had two children in with her, admitted she suffered back pain and one child nearly suffered whiplash as a result of slamming on the breaks.

The mum said: “If these are your sons you’re lucky you’re not getting a phone call saying they are in hospital or dead.

“How I missed the first one I really don’t know.

“I didn’t hit him, he got across the road, but god knows how.

“I was more concerned with my two children in the car and father in law.

“Who although all strapped in shot forward due to me stopping suddenly.”

The mum also added that she was driving under the speed limit at the time, and the outcome could have been very different if she had not already been driving cautiously.