THE Mayor of Burnham has raised concerns after an eye-opening litter pick in the River Blackwater.

Maldon District Councillors Wendy Stamp and Vanessa Bell joined Essex Police’s Atlantic rowing hero and activist, PC Dawn Wood to sweep the river bed in search of rubbish.

During the clean-up they discovered a huge amount of waste which could have posed a major threat to the wildlife in the water.

Mrs Stamp said: “The litter pick went absolutely great, many more volunteers are welcome to come and take in the next event, thanks to everyone who joined for this first event.

“It is very sad to see this amount of litter dumped in the river, especially traffic cones, large plastic containers, discarded crab lines with hooks still attached and a lovely person had apparently removed a shopping trolley.

“There are definitely environmental concerns and dangers for wildlife that can come from these sort of dumping.”

Other members of the community also took part in litter picks across the district at the same time as the group.

Mrs Stamp warned the community littering in their area is “no laughing matter”.

She said: “Sometimes accidents happen and things fall into the river but people who just throw plastic and glass bottles, bags and traffic cones should ask why are they doing it? For a laugh? Well, it isn’t funny.

“We should all be looking after our environment as well as our community.

“I am very proud and thankful of everyone who helps in our wonderful community.”