A TRACTOR lover wants to share his classic machines with the rest of the world after they were restored.

Owen Embleton has had a passion for tractors for around 15 years and is the proud owner of two Massey Ferguson tractors, a 135 and 165.

He took the previously dilapidated machines to family friend, Wilf Robinson, who in 2017 started his own firm, the Vintage Garden Tractor Company, with the aim of bringing classic tractors back to their former glories.

Mr Embleton, 21, of Tudwick Road, Tiptree, said: “It feels amazing to see what Wilf is doing, as when this happens you are seeing the tractor come back to life in a way.

“It is nice to see in the condition it should be in.

“I would like to go on the tractor runs with them and take them to country shows.

“I want the rest of world to see and appreciate them.”

Mr Embleton owned and drove his first tractor when he was just eight.

His dad bought him his Massey Ferguson 135, which he believes is now about 60 years old.

He said: “I loved to take it out in the fields where we live.

“I never drove it on the roads, I would always stay in the fields.”

The machine has since gone through a major restoration at the hands of Mr Robinson, and Mr Embleton’s other tractor, the 165, has been in his workshop since November 2018.

He said: “I know things have held up the process, there have been a few parts that have been hard for him to get hold of.”

Mr Embleton hopes he can take his newly-restored tractors and parade them at countryside shows.

He said: “The parts on these tractors are completely original and they are quite high quality. They truly are quite a marvel for the eye to see.

“It is great to see where we have come from with these types of machines and where things are going.

“Today you get Massey Fergusons, New Hollands and others but they are new machines.

“These tractors show the progress we have made.”